Mrs Malpass and Miss Lacon teach Year 5 and they have made a fantastic start to the year, with all children arriving punctually every day, ready to learn. 


In Class 5 we always try to:

  •   speak quietly and politely;
  •   keep our hands and feet to ourselves;
  •   look after school property;
  •   Do as we are asked the first time.


The Motion

This house believes that animals should not be kept in zoos.

Chairperson to lay out the rules of debate.

Proposer 1

This person lays out the main points of their opinion about the motion. This does not usually contain facts and figures but an overview of what the arguments will include.

Opposition 1

Lays out the arguments against the motion in the same way the proposer does.

Proposer 2

This person adds detail to the argument: they outline the main points.

Opposition 2

This person opposes the proposition points and adds evidence to their argument.

The chair will then open the argument up to the floor. Anyone wishing to speak must stand silently and the chair will call on them to speak. A member of the proposing team will begin by countering an argument from the opposition.

The debate will then ensue with people from either side making arguments and countering them.

Participants are only allowed to speak once in the debate.

The debate will then be opened up to parents should they wish to ask a question.

After a short debate a person from each team will summarise and close the debate.

Audience members will then be asked to vote for or against the motion.



Many argue that zoos are bad places because animals are bored and depressed as for the lack of things to do in their enclosure.  We are certain about this as when you are at the zoo the animals pace back and forth behind the bars of their enclosure.  In addition having the lack of exercise and normal responsibilities are no longer relevant to the animals being kept in captivity.  They do not need to hunt for their food or monitor their own health.  Vets and Zookeepers do this.

Another particular problem is that lots of animals have been captured and taken from the wild where they would have had the freedom of the open space.  Zoos cost a lot of money to run and yet it is all just for our entertainment.  Instead the money could go towards breeding programmes in the wild that would save endangered species.  There are many more valid points on why zoos are bad places for animals to be caged.


There are many reasons why (we the Proposers) are debating that zoos are bad places to keep animals in captivity.  One of the main points to why zoos are a bad place, is that animals can become depressed and bored.  Also animals have lack of exercise when they are in their enclosures.

An additional problem is that animals are moved out of the wild and into (very small) enclosures.  Also animals are removed from their natural skills which they have in the wild; hunting for their own food is something they learn how to do in the wild and is a skill that they would need to survive.  Research shows that 40% more lion cubs die before 6 months in zoos than in the wild.  Animals die in zoos and zoos also destroy thousands of unwanted animals every year.



We (the Proposers) disagree about zoos and think the animals don’t deserve to be captured.  We should leave animals in their homes where they can live in a natural, uninterrupted life.  Why can’t they live their life like we live ours?  Flights are also much cheaper now so if you’re that desperate to see animals, it’s much better to see them in their natural habitat.  If they die, or get injured or starve then that is fine as it is the natural cycle of life.  We don’t own animals and we shouldn’t.



Overall we think that zoos are good because endangered animals would be extent as if they are ill they are more likely to die but in zoos they get treated quickly.  Also in zoos they have a constant supply of food but in the wild they might go a few days without food.  In zoos animals are 100% safe from poachers and won’t get hunted.  People wouldn’t see the animals if there were no zoos.  Some people do not see many animals beyond a fox or a pigeon so it’s a once in a lifetime experience when people go to zoos where they can learn about animals.


We believe that zoos are good because they take endangered animals into zoos and breed them so the baby’s know nothing different.  Animals in captivity have a safe environment.  They also have clean food and water.  The majority of zoos have a big enclosure and it looks as life-like as possible.



We believe that zoos are good because children learn and animals are safe.  Zoos are clever because they get animals to breed so they don’t become extinct.  Zoos also encourage families to spend quality time together.  Animals must be frightened when lots of people feed them and pet them.


On Monday 9th January Mrs Wills, Mrs Malpass and Mrs Hollier took Year 5 to visit the Houses of Parliament.  This was an exceptionally exciting trip for the children, albeit a very long day due to encompassing traffic issues on the way out of London, as this was the day of the tube strike.

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