Mrs Davies is the Class 6 teacher and is assisted by Mrs Hollier: together they work hard trying to make our lessons fun, as well as educational.

Our charter has two elements to it. Firstly, there are four simple rules we aim to always follow; secondly, they are a set of standards we all agreed we should ‘live and breathe’ each day.


In Class 6 we try to:

• keep our hands and feet to ourselves;
• look after school property and our own property;
• speak quietly and politely;
• do as asked the first time;
• be ourselves and not say or do things just to impress someone else;
• support each other just as we would support our own family;
• be brave and not be afraid to make mistakes; we know this is how we learn
• look after our class friends.

To celebrate their successful week working so positively for their SATs tests, at the end of that week Year 6 were giving a special outing to the Forest School at Clive’s Fruit Farm.

There are some pictures in the gallery below showing the interesting and fun things that they all did at Forest School.