Our team is Miss Beatson and Mrs Barnett. 

The ethos in Reception at our school is to support the children to become independent, confident learners. We enable them to achieve this through a varied selection of both formal and informal learning opportunities as well as adult and child initiated experiences. We encourage the children to take advantage of the ‘free flow’ between the indoor and outdoor classroom in order to follow their learning interests.

In Reception we like to:

  • learn through play;
  • use phonics to read and write;
  • learn to be healthy;
  • learn to be good friends;
  • learn creatively;
  • have an understanding of mathematics.


As a good friend we are going to be aware of boundaries set and behavioural expectations in school

Play Areas

We benefit from a diverse indoor and outdoor play area of our own, as well as the school play areas and sportsfield


We learn about being a good communicator, a healthy person and to develop our understanding of the world around us